Our Adventures Continue…

Way back in late 2004 I owned a MINI One convertible and was a member of the New MINI Severns Club.

In 2007 the MINI was sold on. I commuted the 9 miles to work on a very cheap, but new, Chinese Scooter – which was bloody awful!

In 2009, as spring had sprung. I purchased a Smart for Two Cabriolet. This was the 451 model. I even fitted a tow-bar to this car, and towed a “Little Guy” teardrop trailer to various locations. Not least of which was the Falklands Task Force 30th Reunion in Gosport, Hampshire.

After the Smart, came a full size Caravan. Which needed a full size car to tow it! Enter the 2012 plated new Kia Sportage.

Three years later, it was goodbye to Caravanning. I traded it all in for the new Smart for Two – The worse car I have ever owned. Fault after Fault. So here I am 11 years later, back to MINI.

Present Day….

I wanted another MINI
In May 2018 I started casually looking for another rag-top MINI.

I also looked for Classic
Although a classic would be nice, I had too much family to cart about!

Coupe or Roadster?
I looked and fell in love with the MINI Coupe & Roadster. The Roadster won, only because it was a rag-top!

16th June 2018 I picked up my pre-owned Roadster S, John Cooper Works. Nice.