The Pictures

Various pictures taken by various members during various meetings.

I left the Severns in 2007. Sold the MINI (it was 3 years old, and was only a ONE). I purchased a Smart for Two Convertible (old 451 model). Initially I joined the Severns forum. But with not having a MINI, my visits waned, and stopped altogether at the end of 2007.

Here I am in June 2018 about to drive a MINI again. Out of curiosity I did a quick internet search for the Severns. The only reference I can find it to old threads on MINI2 (the go to place during the mad years)! It would appear the club ceased to be, about 5 years ago. A search for the SCNM club also provides no results. However, I did find EMU-P. He had moved to Hampshire, and joined the Surrey New MINI club – At least they have a web presence!

MINI arrival – 5th November 2004

My delivery was a bog-standard One. Steel wheels and a cassette / radio! Just the paint job, and nothing else!

MINI 01 February 2005 – Accessorise I

By February 2005, a few accessories had made their way on to and in to the car. Not least, the replacements for the steel wheels. Two seat covers, but I think they only staid for 12 months.

MINI 03 February 2005 – Accessorise II

A visit to MINI Wellsway (Bath) to have chrome driving lights fitted. Not cheap at £300, and that was the labour costs, I had already purchased the lights from elsewhere! The problem was, these lights (on all these 1st Generation models) had to be plumbed in to the onboard computer. Wasn’t really a DIY job. So had to cough up!

MINI 10 February 2005 – Accessorise III

More bits and pieces were added. Note the new Union Jack wing mirror covers! I was close to joining the “New MINI Severns” club. I had a go at creating my own window “sticker”.  13 years later, it does look a bit “meh”! To be honest, it didn’t stay on long, as it was replaced by a more professional “Severns” badge.

MINI 15 February 2005 – Accessorise IV

Have you noticed that thus far, it has been raining/wet on all the photos taken up to this point? Bonnet stripes went on next. I fitted these with the nose of the car pointing in to the garage. Armed with a lot of washing up liquid to slide them in to position. I eventually finished the task. I also stuck a UK/Chequered flag under the ONE logo, this has since appeared on all the other cars I have owned.

MINI 22 February 2005 – Accessorise V

The standard (black plastic) “Shark Grills” (side indicators) were replaced with plastic chrome ones and clear indicator lenses. At the same time. The black air vents below the windscreen were replaced with a custom “scoop” colour matched to the car. This was just another subtle change.

MINI 08 March 2005 – Accessorise VI

Out and about with the roof down (as soon as that wintry sun came out, down went the roof)! It became clear that a lost of wind noise was created. Off I went to search for the MINI wind-deflector. I found one on eBay (which was mint condition), and picked it up for £120! I don’t know how much MINI charged for them – a lot I guess. At the same time, 2 cushions (discovered while looking for the deflector), went on the backseats to compliment the wing mirrors.


MINI 09 March 2005 – Avebury, Wiltshire

Accessorising over (for the time being)! Off we went for a visit to Avebury. It was early March and still cold. However, as you can see, there was a blue sky, and a wintry sun. So down came the roof! We finished off the visit near to prehistoric Silbury Hill. Which is only round the corner from Avebury.


MINI 20 March 2005 – MINI Severns (Turn Up & Go)

First run with the MINI Severns, whom we had joined that month. We all met in the carpark at Chepstow (just over the Severn Bridge). We then followed the leader (Minisoopercooper – Paul)!


MINI 30 April 2005 – MINI Severns (Bluebell (Forest of Dean))

A run through the beautiful Forest of Dean I don’t think I filmed this one, but just drove it. The weather was warming up, so the roof staid down!


MINI – 22 May 2005 – MINI Severns (Bristol Mini Day)

We had our own stand at this prestigious event near Wraxall. Also thought we would come under fire by the classic mini owner. In fact, it was completely the opposite! There were heavy showers on and off all day. Marie and I provided the bacon rolls and lots of hot water for tea & coffee. Glad we took the Gazeebo, so we could all get under it when it rained! When it came time to leave, I thought we would get stuck in the field before the exit. As it happens, I think my MINI left the exit sideways! New MINI Cornwall (Tigger, Eeyore & Roo) are all under the White Gazeebo. A long, long, day for them!

MINI 05 June 2006 – MINI Severns (Bristol Mini Day)

Better weather than last year, and I even remember the theme! Super heroes! I shot the video, rather than take the photos! Plenty of Severns on the stand.

MINI 12 June 2006 – MINI Severns (Brecon Run II)

Another good run, out in the Brecon Beacons. Ending with a ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway. This was my last Brecon run, as the following year my MINI was sold on.


MINI 06 August 2006 – MINI Severns (The Great Malverns II)

Beastmaster, Peanut, TonyM (and Beasties cats) executed another great day out. Most of the runners camped overnight at the Marlbank Inn. I had booked in to a room (no ferrying my tent about)! So there was a great social the night before. But we all had an early night, so we were prepped for Sundays run! In the group photo see if you can spot the geezer who set his camera on timer, than ran up the hill to join the rest of us!


MINI 05 September 2006 – MINI Severns (The Cheddar Cheesy)

As summer headed towards autumn. The Severns had a great run to the Cheddar Gorge. Ending the run in our very own carpark on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. I think this is one of the last runs I joined, as my MINI was sold on in 2007. I look back fondly on all of these mad days out we had.