Run Videos

Various Videos of the various runs, organised by various people, in various locations!

I tried to keep the videos interesting. Because when you have a video camera pointing forward out of your windscreen. Filming the MINI in front. One run blurs into another! (As an example, watch the Turn Up & Go run).

 My convertible did not get delivered (right outside my house) until November 2004. However, the roof went down at every opportunity – I just wrapped up warm! Also, remember the DV Cameras were still evolving in 2004. They were still recording to DV Tape. Some of the embedded videos are a little blurry due to the compression Codecs at the time. Some are 4:3 (not many people had widescreen) and some 16:9 (Which             looked better online).       

Avebury – February 2005
A short video created in February 2005. The winter sun came out, so the top went down! A visit to Avebury, Wiltshire


Turn Up & Go – 25th March 2005
First outing with the MINI Severns. Around the Wye Valley, South Wales


Turn Up & Go = 25th March 2005
A montage of other members photographs


Stonehenge & Avebury Run – 15th May 2005
People that organised runs, requested that other members step in and help out by organising one.
I did this, ONE person showed up. Thanks Chill (Chris)!


The Brecon Teaser Trailer – 25th May 2005
A small teaser trailer to advertise the upcoming Brecon run on the 5th June 2005


Bristol Mini Day – 22nd May 2005
An Annual event that now has Classic and New MINIs. This was the very first year it happened.
So the New MINI was expecting a bit of hostility. As it happens, it was a memorable experience.
The MINI Severns had their own stand. We camped next to the car for the night.


Brecon I – 5th June 2005
A well-attended run organised by Steve & Hailey.
The run finished up in the Brecon Beacons for a ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway.


Beaulie Mini Day – 12th June 2005
Another annual event. This was organised by the SCNM (South Coast New MINI). There were only three cars from the Severns.  JAFFA (Kev), EMU-P (Pat) and Fru-T-Bun (Dave). This was the first outing where a suction mount (external) was used to trial some filming. As you can see. It worked well. Sadly, this was to be our last time seeing Max, before he passed away.


The Malverns Run Teaser Trailer (Desig) – August 2005
A small experimental trailer that I was going to use to advertise the Malverns II Run 2006. I was using footage from the previous 2005 Malverns I. For some reason I never used it. The clips were never uploaded, and never shown – until now 12 years later!


The Great Malverns Run I – 7th August 2005
This was the BIG one of 2005. Months in the planning by Beastmaster, Peanut & TonyM. One fantastic day out.
This run appeared in the following month’s edition of “Go MINI”.


Bristol Mini Day – 4th June 2006
It rained. It rained some more. Then it rained as we were all leaving. I think some of us exited the field sideways!
This year’s theme was Aliens!


The Cheddar Cheesy Run – 10th July 2006
A run out through the Cheddar Gorge. Stopping for lunch on the way. The run ended with us all parking on our own stretch of beach at Weston-Super-Mare.


The Great Malverns II – 7th August 2006
Here it came again! The Malverns II. Many runners opted to camp the night before and have a social. The next day, as always, the run did not disappoint. Thanks again to Ady, Peanut, Elf & TonyM.




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