About Me

What’s it all about?

The Domain Name “miniadventure.me.uk” was originally obtained as a place I could upload and host videos of the various MINI runs we attended. This was in 2004 – 2007. My handle was Fru-T-Bun.

Back in the day. YouTube stripped any copyrighted music out, and Vimeo did not exist. The filming was stored on DV Tape (no solid state storage, unless you were very rich). Therefore, using Premiere Pro and editing AVI files, the videos were put together! And then uploaded to my Web space. I don’t think any of them were over 300Mb!

Today, the cameras are smaller, cheaper, and almost disposable (especially the dashcams that shoot in HD)! However, the file sizes have increased into the Gigabytes! Vimeo will not take a file over 5Gb.

The Club

In January 2005 I joined the local MINI Club. We met the MINI Severns for the very first time at the Compass Inn, Tormarton. Our first run, in amongst a group of MINIs was down very dark, very narrow, very muddy country lanes!

The MINI scene around this time was absolutely heaving! People from all over the UK organised various runs, of various lengths and various car numbers! Everyone was invited.

Every weekend would usually see my MINI One heading off in some vague direction, to attend a meeting somewhere. There were quite a few runs that went further afield. All over Europe.


July 2018 – MINI Roadster JCW


October 2018 – MINI Cooper S

The wife has decided (at long last) to also go down the MINI route. A pepper white Cooper S picked up from Sytners, Leicester, 20 October 2018.